handbag whore (hollahbackgirl) wrote in cosmopolicons,
handbag whore

This community is....

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i wonna be staff, ill wonna make avtars for ur community. :)
you didn't even have to ask, you know you will weither you want to you not, ha!
I don't want to be a staff member, I just want to be in a hot community :D
BTW Paris kinda looks prego's in that pic
i wasn't invited i came across your page through ills0ul(Y'vonne).
Can i be a member please?
i invited you, let me know if you didn't get it :) welcome aboard.
thank you!
i didn't get that invite Saha.
*sigh* ok i know i invited you, but i'm no longer running the site, i'll leave kevin an offline to add you, or just add the site on the info page i'll tell him to approve you.
oh ok, thanks again :)
this is _ills0ul i changed the s/n can i get access again
i should close this journal, we're not using it. sorry