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Welcome to cosmopolicons, the newest & freshest pop/urban culture avatars on livejournal. We're currently taking request, please limit yourself to 3 avatars per week, most of us have other things to do outside of livejournal.

announcement - I am currently looking for designers, if you feel you have the skills that we're looking for contact me via electroni mail. Send me three examples or simply leave a comment with the images inserted.

rules - It's always important to have rules, I'm not trying to be a control freak, but just follow them and you'll be allowed to view/use all avatars on your livejournal.
This community is by invite only. You will not be able to view images right away, but i'll try my best to stay current.
1. give credit to the designer of your image. a link back credit should always go in comments box located on this page. ex: grandhustler here's how you do it. Look for LJ USER. if you can't do it correct, you'll be removed without notice.
2. do not alter ANY images unless you have consent from the designer.
3. unauthorized distribution is prohibited.
4. we will not edit already edited images, so please find a freshly scanned or 'clean' image (so to speak) if you need further explaination, contact me via email passtheversace@gmail.com
5. requests are done through this site only.
6. when you make a request, on line 14 where it asks 'anything else?' put 'charge it!' so that we know you read the rules, if you fail to do this, your submission will be ignored.
7. if you do not pick up your image within a week it will be removed from the server. If the image was deleted off the server, we will not make you another one...ever, be courteous people.
8. do not fill out requests for other people, if someone you know wants an icon, let us know their link and we'll invite them to join.
9. please comment to our reply stating that you picked up your request. it will be deleted off the server to prevent direct linking.
10. You MUST leave a comment and tell me what icons you took. Failure to do so will result in your ass getting cut.
11. Please use these avatars for livejournal ONLY!
12. If you find that someone is usuing our icons without crediting please let us know ASAP! You will be rewarded with 5 requests of whatever avatars you want.

If you fail to follow any of these rules, you will be removed. I don't have the time to let you know you've violated a rule. We all know how to read english, so there are no excuses!